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My name is Miranda Kate, or Miranda K for short. I'm a veteran of childhood trauma, & after years of work & therapy recovering myself, I've developed some tools I thought might help others too. 

 Kill The Goblins! 

How to get the negative voices in your head to shut up.

Purple and Green gradient book cover for Kill The Goblins, How to get the negative voices in your head to shut up, by Miranda K. There is a drawn graphic of an outline profile view of two heads, back to back, the left one, which is looking down, has a tangled messy string in its head which leads into the right one, which is looking upright, where there is a neatly wrapped ball of string.

Tools to quiet a noisy mind
Miranda K, a veteran of trauma recovery, is here to provide in-the-moment strategies for day-to-day living. Equip yourself with tools to kill the stream of negative thoughts in your head that stop you from pursuing your dreams, and distracts you from living the life you want. Take an in-depth look at potential root causes, and learn how to change the way you think and feel to gain inner balance and security every day. Free of self-help and personal development jargon, Kill The Goblins looks at what it takes to quiet the mind and recover yourself on a daily basis.

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